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SkySparc OmniFi
– Advanced data and process integration

SkySparc OmniFi delivers sustainable business value by automating key processes and facilitating integration across your front, middle and back-office activities.

With OmniFi, you benefit from flexible, advanced management reporting, extensive process automation, reconciliation and interfacing with other systems, migration and updating of system configurations and automated testing and quality assurance.

OmniFi is widely used by SkySparc clients across all segments and is compatible with various systems.

OmniFi is adding value by saving time and treasury resource, and also by improving the reliability and accuracy of repetitive data processing.

George Partida, Toyota Financial Services

Main benefits

Accelerate your job

Automate boring day-to-day task and focus instead on adding value


Purpose built and smart access to all data and functionality

Ease of use

OmniFi is designed with business users in mind, offering familiar user interfaces and functionality

Improve quality

Ensure quality through comprehensive testing of all business processes

Reduce operational risk

Eliminate error prone, manual copy and pasting when creating complex reports

Decrease costs

No longer necessary to engage a technical consultant every time you want to update the system

Case studies


Multinational corporate

Flexible, scalable reconciliation tool rises to challenge

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Testing methodology and OmniFi deliver robust, transparent results

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Central Bank

Delivers flexible, higher quality reports through automation

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De Nederlandsche Bank

Deploys data warehouse to enhance reporting and analysis capabilities

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