Focus on your front end
– because we’ve got your back

Invest your resources and attention where they really count


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More than ever, today’s IT and operational teams must collaborate effectively with business lines to deliver customer value, focusing resources, skills and budgets on front-end business challenges.

As technology becomes more central to success, staff that were once business supporters are becoming business partners, contributing more fully to strategy. And with fewer systems hosted on-site, IT departments are becoming value-based aggregators of third-party services.


Business success depends on trust, built on reliability, security, scalability and availability. Skilled, dedicated operational resources remain business critical, but must also be cost-effective, flexible.


Beyond our experience, expertise, skills and proprietary resources, SkySparc’s outsourced support is driven by: a passion for service excellence; a personalized single point of contact service model; a 15-year track record of growth and investment.

Your challenges

When focusing on day-to-day business priorities, it can be hard to recognize the tipping point at which internal resources should be replaced or supplemented for essential system maintenance and support tasks. In our experience, organizations that are asking questions similar to those below, are facing challenges that could be addressed through outsourced support services:

Are the costs and effort of maintaining high-quality in-house support rising?

How are your firm’s strategic priorities impacting the role of the IT department?

Are you dedicating more IT resources and budget toward front-end challenges?

Are you sourcing / hosting more applications remotely?

Does your business depend on scalable, reliable, secure systems infrastructure?

How are recruitment, skills, training changing in your IT department?

How is your IT department measured, structured and incentivised today vs 3-5 years ago?

How do you monitor support quality, operational efficiency and security; and what are the trends in those metrics over time?

In what areas is the IT budget being directed, and how is this evolving?

What we deliver / Our services

SkySparc offers the full range of outsourced support services for your application lifecyle management, tailored to the precise needs of clients, scaled up and down as required. All services are coordinated and delivered by our Expert Center DevOps team to ensure a consistent high level of support service, underpinned by proprietary technology and methodology.

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Enhanced process and operational efficiency

Expert insights from experienced professionals

User support

Rapid response to technical and functional support requests

Comprehensive, coordinated resolution

Upgrade as-a-Service

Comprehensive end-to-end Patch Upgrade support from dedicated resources
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Award-winning as-a-Service model for faster, lower risk upgrade projects

OmniFi Upgrade as-a-Service for yearly recurring upgrade to latest version

Operational Assurance

Ensuring long-term system health and stability

Proactive surveillance, maintenance and resolution


Best practice scheduling, configuration, testing and implementation

Step-by-step planning road-tested methodologies


Oversight of multiple system environments

Synchronized version usage; minimal operational risk


Efficient, practical solutions to ad hoc automation needs

Rapid response to development requests, large and small

How we deliver / Our commitment

SkySparc Outsourced Support is underpinned by a unique combination of principles, resources and capabilities that make us the ideal partner for top-tier financial institutions and the corporate treasuries of large multinationals.

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Service philosophy Can-do culture Proprietary tools Deep experience and expertise Financial stability Financial & technical skills Expert & quality center Proven methology Service philosophy Can-do culture Proprietary tools Deep experience and expertise Financial stability Financial & technical skills Expert & quality center Proven methology

Case studies


Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Bolsters back-up capabilities, operational stability with expert third-party support

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A global leader in mobile communications

Outsourced support for enhanced performance

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Bank treasury

The business case for outsourcing

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Focus on your front end
– because we’ve got your back