Achieving high operational performance

A system review can help you improve and maintain operational performance

Keeping core financial systems operating at peak performance is always demanding. It takes constant attention and fine-tuning to ensure small imperfections don’t develop into larger issues. In our work with central banks, asset managers, corporate treasurers and banks we see a number of recurring performance challenges:

  • Business processes may be inefficient, lacking automationand STP.
  • Applications and reports may run too slowly followingan upgrade or systems change.
  • CSDs and interfaces can be unstable.
  • Sometimes, teams lack expertise, perhaps becausea procedure is undocumented.

A system review can really add value here, by investigating these challenges thoroughly to discover the root causes – and then resolving them before they escalate further.

You might choose a system review in the following scenarios:

  • Reactive: To find and fix issues
  • Maintenance: As part of your periodic maintenance review
  • Pro-active: To future-proof your systems and processes

Our system review methodology can fit all these scenarios and is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

SkySparc’s methodology to improve performance

We’ve drawn on our experience of best practice, working with many users of the Wallstreet Suite across the industry, to develop our three-phase methodology.

fact-sheet-2Define project scope and create project planPrioritize requirementsReview ticket historyCreate/review issue list Review existing documentationPre-study/business workshopsRecommend best practices Identify performance enhancementsRun benchmarking tests for defined scenarios Create benchmarking test casesDefine scenarios and metricsMake use of matching reference clientsSystem testsUpdate system documentationImplement technical and functional enhancementsScope and plan enhancement phaseWORKSHOPS AND PRE-STUDYPROJECT KICK-OFF AND SCOPINGANALYZEBENCHMARKENHANCEPROPOSE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTSBENCHMARKING AND PROTOTYPINGIMPLEMENTATION AND TESTINGPHASE 1: Analyze Workshops with business users help to set the scope for the project.PHASE 2: Benchmark Current performance is measured against an agreed standard.PHASE 3: Enhance The proposed performance improvements are implemented.

Performance hot spots

As part of a system review, we look at specific technical and functional “hot spots” which experience shows can impact performance:

Technical performance hotspots
  • CSDs
  • Interfaces
  • Technical environment and processes
  • Workflows
  • Performance and stability
  • Technical documentation
  • Code reviews
Functional performance hotspots
  • Customizations
  • Data consistency
  • Configuration
  • Business processes
  • Workflows
  • Reporting and applications
  • Functional documentation
  • Security and permissions


Whenever we’ve conducted a system review for a client, they have seen tangible business benefits result. A system review delivers:

Efficient business processes
  • Business processes are efficient and error-free
  • Processes are integrated and STP improved
Smooth-running applications
  • Reports and queries are fast and efficient
Seamless integration
  • CSDs and interfaces are optimized
  • Maintenance is straightforward
Knowledge transfer
  • Skills gaps are identified and closed
  • Knowledge is shared within the team