Out-sourcing delivers high-quality support

Outsourcing support was a flexible and efficient way to meet the growing needs of its treasury system users for this nordic bank


The Nordic bank uses its treasury system for funding and liquidity management and as a repository for business-critical data required by users across the frontmiddle- and back-offices and the treasury accounting department.

The Senior Risk Analyst at the bank has seen the number of user queries and requests grow substantially over the last years, as a result of ever-more demanding and complex internal and external risk management, compliance and reporting requirements. “The demands on the system are much higher now, requiring frequent development projects, configuration changes and new interfaces in addition to more routine support needs,” he says. He mentions COREP (Common Reporting), FINREP (Financial Reporting) and EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) as examples of recently-introduced requirements.

These increasing business and compliance requirements call for specialized skills and expertise. In addition, prioritizing the many tasks and planning and budgeting for new developments were adding to the workload for the treasury team.

Fortunately, the bank has a responsive support and development model in place, which allows these new requirements to be managed quickly and efficiently, without any negative impact on the core, day-to-day activities of the treasury team.


Some years ago, the bank took the strategic decision to outsource its treasury system support to SkySparc. Dedicated staff in SkySparc’s Expert Center continuously monitor the bank’s treasury system environment to ensure everything is running smoothly and any developing issues are quickly tracked and corrected.

Expert Center also provides first-line business and technical support to users in the front, middle and back-offices and treasury accounting.

“SkySparc’s Expert Center consultants have broad financial knowledge and understand our business well, in addition to their treasury system expertise. So they are able to provide comprehensive support across different areas and departments,” says the Senior Risk Analyst at the bank.

The support model is embedded into the bank’s organizational structure in order to ensure that users always receive a prompt and seamless service. If a development project is required, or a patch needs to be implemented, Expert Center responds without delay and with all the necessary background knowledge required to make sure the business need is met promptly and fully.

Outsourcing support also gives the bank easy access to SkySparc’s solutions and best-practice experience. Drawing on experience built on multiple assignments for a large international client base, Expert Center consultants are able to provide valuable advice when new projects are planned and help with everything from budgeting to implementation.

It would be difficult to get this breadth and depth of expertise in an in-house support team.

Senior Risk Analyst at the bank


By outsourcing to SkySparc, this bank is able to meet the growing support needs of its treasury system users flexibly and responsively, without the distraction of recruitment or resource issues. Outsourcing delivers the necessary expertise as and when it is needed, and so is more costeffective for the bank than maintaining a larger specialist team in-house.

Proactive surveillance ensures potential problems are identified and resolved quickly, so that the bank’s core treasury system is always stable and operating efficiently, and operational risk is reduced.

The bank also benefits from SkySparc’s expert knowledge of its treasury system, so data and configurations are always high quality.

Says the Senior Risk Analyst at the bank, “Thanks to our partnership with SkySparc, we always feel confident our system is upto- date and we are in line with best practice.” With this security of mind, the treasury team is able to focus on core objectives, knowing SkySparc is taking care of all support needs.