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Five reasons to outsource your system support

To help you focus on your core competences and business priorities, SkySparc offers a flexible, responsive and cost-effective Outsourced Support Service for your systems.


1 Outsourced support is more cost-effective and flexible than internal resources.

With SkySparc, you always get the support you need when you need it, without incurring the overheads of maintaining a large in-house team, or waiting in line for centralized IT resources. We’ll flex and scale our response to meet your requirements, whether for ongoing day-to-day support for your users, enhancements or managing releases, or other projects.

2 Generalists deliver poor service levels and low responsiveness.

SkySparc will always put you first - unlike some generalists or in-house IT teams who may work on multiple systems. By outsourcing your support requirements to us, you can rest assured your needs will be handled effectively by financial and technical experts with deep system knowledge and a detailed understanding of your operations and priorities.

3 Proactive support continuously improves processes, performance and quality.

Because SkySparc offers a proactive, client-focused approach to outsourced support, grounded in best practice, we can maintain your system and its environment at peak performance, once your immediate support and maintenance needs are met. We can also help you improve and automate everyday processes and quality-assure your data and operations.

4 Specialists are hard to recruit and retain.

While individual firms struggle to train and retain system-specific staff on an ongoing basis, SkySparc has built up a large team of highly trained and experienced financial and technical experts, with strong client service skills, coordinated through our dedicated Expert Center. Because our consultants have worked across a diverse and extensive range of projects and clients, we can quickly match skills and experience to your particular requirement, and your industry sector.

5 Support is not your core business – but it is ours.

At SkySparc, we’ve made it our core business to support the needs of system users.

"Partnering with SkySparc for support means that my team can stop worrying about support issues and concentrate on managing treasury for our business. I wish I’d made the decision to outsource support to SkySparc much earlier."

Treasurer, leading global mobile communications company

What we deliver

Using our Expert Center to coordinate offsite and onsite support resources, SkySparc offers tailored outsourced support solutions to clients based on the following core elements:


User support

Responsive day-to-day support for end-users is the starting point. Because we have deep financial knowledge as well technical expertise, we have the resources to meet the full range of your support needs.

Operational assurance

By proactively monitoring your system we can identify and resolve any potential systems or configuration issues as they emerge. We can also monitor data quality and advise on improvements or data cleansing.


We plan and manage all test environments to be optimized for their specific purpose. New configurations are deployed to keep environments in sync and up to date. We ensure that your failover environment is well functioning in case of disaster recovery.


Expert Center can plan smaller projects with you to quickly deliver enhancements for your system and processes. All enhancements are developed, tested and deployed in production according to defined processes.


Deployment of configuration changes are planned and scheduled into fixed deployment releases. All enhancements and fixes are analyzed in relation to each other to ensure system stability and smooth production deployment processes.


We advise you on your software version upgrades and patches. We will plan and coordinate projects for minimum disruption to your business as usual by thorough planning and tight coordination for acceptance.

"By working with SkySparc, the bank can scale up and scale down its access to IT expertize and resource in line with need, rather than acquiring fixed costs on a permanent basis."

Head of IT, European Bank

How we deliver

Our dedicated outsourced support model provides flexible, immediate and comprehensive support wherever you need it across your operations. Although tailored to the precise needs of the individual client, SkySparc’s outsource support service is built on three core principles:

Expertise and experience

We provide our Outsourced Support Service from the highly-regarded SkySparc Expert Center, staffed by an experienced and expert team with deep financial and technical knowledge. The team provides deep experience of cross-segment and global system implementations and hands-on experience of managing a diverse range of client support requirements, as well as awareness of the latest releases, innovations and methodologies. In addition, our clients have access to our practice-wide resources, including senior management advice and R&D as required. Nevertheless, SkySparc’s dedicated Outsourced Support Service delivers value to the client over and above the qualities of individual team members.

Flexible, personalized and attentive service

We take pride in delivering a highly personalized and attentive service that adjusts to your needs over time. It starts when we assign a dedicated team to your account who will quickly understand your business and your processes. They’ll work closely and proactively with all parties involved to meet your day-to-day and longer-term needs to your complete satisfaction. SkySparc will scale our resources up and down to ensure your requirements are met both quickly and cost-effectively.

Embedded in your organization

Our Expert Center delivers outsourced support seamlessly as an integral part of your organization. We offer the same convenience and understanding of your needs that internal support should, but with greater system-specific expertise and a strong commitment to client service. We proactively drive projects forward and take full ownership of system-related matters, from start to finish. We can work on-site or remotely, as needed.

"It would be difficult to get this breadth and depth of expertise in an in-house support team."

Senior Risk Analyst, Nordic Bank