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Advanced data and process integration

SkySparc OmniFi – advanced data and process integration

SkySparc OmniFi delivers sustainable business value by automating key processes and facilitating integration across your front, middle and back-office activities.

With OmniFi, you benefit from flexible, advanced management reporting, extensive process automation, reconciliation and interfacing with other systems, migration and updating of system configurations and automated testing and quality assurance.

OmniFi is widely used by SkySparc clients across all segments and is compatible with various systems.

"OmniFi is adding value by saving time and treasury resource, and also by improving the reliability and accuracy of repetitive data processing."

George Partida, Toyota Financial Services


Main benefits


Accelerate your job

Automate boring day-to-day task and focus instead on adding value



Purpose built and smart access to all data and functionality


Ease of use

OmniFi is designed with business users in mind, offering familiar user interfaces and functionality


Improve quality

Ensure quality through comprehensive testing of all business processes


Reduce operational risk

Eliminate error prone, manual copy and pasting when creating complex reports


Decrease costs

No longer necessary to engage a technical consultant every time you want to update the system

Dedicated modules for complex tasks

OmniFi leverages the unlimited ability of Excel to consolidate data from multiple sources quickly and easily to create clear, easy-to-interpret, highly-automated reports and dashboards that provide valuable enterprise-wide insights.

Unlike generic business intelligence and reporting solutions, OmniFi has specific capabilities for extracting data from APIs, empowering organizations to leverage their mission-critical system to the fullest.

OmniFi is not a data warehouse solution with its own database (like SAS, Oracle, etc), but extracts stored and real-time calculated data already available within systems and applications ensuring 100% accuracy.

With OmniFi, users can manage and distribute reports centrally via the reporting web portal. In addition, users can access the portal from their browser on their chosen device to view historical reports or run reports on an ad-hoc basis. No additional software is required at the user side.

OmniFi users can also configure workflows to manage reports that are automatically executed by the scheduler, enabling validation and approval before distribution. Emails and the portal itself can be customized to give the final product a polished look.

OmniFi provides a self-service approach to report building, which allows end-users to take ownership of their reports using its intuitive query and report builder. Business users can create and modify reports independently, without the need to involve IT staff, which significantly increases responsiveness to ever-changing needs. The final report design and layout is handled in Excel, allowing end-users to customize the appearance of the report to the smallest detail.

Build performance dashboards

OmniFi is perfectly suited for building dashboards for selected key performance indicators. Once created, your dashboards update automatically, allowing you to focus on analysing the data rather than gathering it.

Omnifi - Reporting, testing, importing, testing, interface, reconcile

Data quality

Create customized reports to analyse the quality of data within your treasury management system, to ensure that your system will run smoothly. By using the OmniFi scheduling functionality you’ll receive alerts when something needs your attention, making sure critical issues don’t go unnoticed.

"Speed of implementation was impressive – OmniFi represented excellent value for money."

Assistant Treasurer, multinational company

One solution across your organization

Whether you work in the front, middle, back office or accounting department, OmniFi is a valuable tool to assist in all your reporting needs. Reports created in OmniFi measure performance and manage risk and exposures, monitor limit usages and balances. They can be presented as used as dashboards, weekly management reports and daily ad-hoc reports.

Omnifi - Performance and accelerating

"OmniFi has made a tremendous difference to our reporting processes. Since implementing this new system we have saved significantly on the time and cost of producing reports."

Marcel Reuser, Group Treasury Operations Support, AEGON

AEGON - Advanced Reporting Solution


1 Enterprise-wide web portal that allows easy access and management for all OmniFi reports across the organization.

2 OmniFi uses the powerful and familiar Excel as its main desktop presentation layer, providing an excellent user experience for analysis.

3 OmniFi’s unique capabilities of extracting data via APIs allows access of any data held in your treasury management system.

4 OmniFi eliminates the need for copy-pasting data from different sources in order to create your reports, run reports in seconds with a click of a button and be sure that the data is complete.

5 Visualize and work with your data by creating graphs, pivot tables and more to gain the insights you need.

6 Schedule reports to be run and delivered at any given interval to completely automate the report creation and allow your users to have the data when they need it.

Whether it’s a configuration change to your current installation – such as adding a new instrument – or an upgrade to a new version, it’s critical to test before a change goes live. OmniFi’s testing module is a purpose-made automated testing solution.

Business users can develop, maintain and execute their own test cases by leveraging extensive integration with all areas of the system. No previous programming or scripting skills are needed to create keyword-driven test cases, shifting the focus from knowing the testing tool to knowing the system and process that’s being tested.

Test cases may used and reused – even if the visual appearance of system under test changes between versions.

Test cases are organized and managed centrally in a single repository. They can be executed one-by-one or in groups with the results fully documented in the application. Test results over time can be visualized and analyzed, allowing the test manager to drill-down into the results to see any deviations that have been discovered.

"OmniFi was a big success factor in our project. Using OmniFi, SkySparc was able to run the testing and conversion cycles much faster than we would have been able to do ourselves."

Manager, Operations and IT, Asset management company

Automated test packages

Create and manage comprehensive libraries of test-cases to enable fast and efficient testing and re-testing during systems changes. Test packages are suitable for unit, system integration as well as user acceptance testing, spanning all parts throughout the testing project.

OmniFi supports the full range of business processes and transaction life cycles across all modules of the system.

OmniFi test packages

Regression testing

OmniFi’s advanced regression testing capabilities ensure the system is behaving correctly and that no unexpected deviations have been introduced. Test data is automatically extracted from both reference and test environments for comparison and regression results are thoroughly and securely documented. Thresholds can be set to allow for expected deviations and defects can be accepted and approved as required.

OmniFi regression testing

"Extensive use of OmniFi in the UAT process enabled us to achieve much higher levels of automation… Not only did this save time, but it enabled us to shift much of the workload to before - rather than after - the UAT stage."

Project Manager, Banking Operations, Euro-zone Central Bank


1 OmniFi supports testing of all business processes within the system, from initial deal entry and transaction processing to accounting and reporting.

2 Regression tests are fully automated and deviations can be analysed, corrected or approved by predefined thresholds and expected results.

3 OmniFi automatically generates the documentation required for the test case executions, allowing full transparency and auditability of what has been tested and what the results were.

4 Sample test data can be loaded from existing production systems, files as well as from other databases.

5 Different users can be emulated during testing to test that permissions are properly configured in the system.

OmniFi’s powerful import capabilities let you manage data more efficiently throughout the life cycle of your treasury management system. Whether you’re implementing, upgrading or maintaining the system on a day-to-day basis, with OmniFi you can manage data securely, accurately and cost-effectively.

OmniFi supports the imports of static and transaction data for updating through the use of APIs. OmniFi makes maintaining system configurations (clients, instruments, rules etc) such as much easier than by manual methods. Using OmniFi to automate configuration management guarantees the quality of the data in the system by creating standardized templates that load data accurately, every time.

Once the configuration is loaded, OmniFi can enter the data into a test environment for validation, and then guarantee a 100 percent identical upload in the production environment, which is impossible if done manually.

Loading transaction data with OmniFi allows you to enter hundreds of trades in minutes rather than hours, adding value in projects such as portfolio migrations, subsidiary on-boarding, system upgrades and implementations.

Fast reliable data migration

Use OmniFi’s report and import functionality to extract, transform and load data into the system – then regression test the migrated data exhaustively. As part of the migration, OmniFi can clean up and restructure the data, ensuring that the migrated data meets the requirements for the new system.

OmniFi data migration

"SkySparc were really part of the team and we learnt from their knowledge. They brought SkySparc’s experience to our migration approach and solved or speeded up a number of tasks and challenges along the way."

Tõnu Tomann, IT Development Manager, Treasury and Capital Markets, SEB Pank Estonia


Automate configurations

Use OmniFi to automate and improve repetitive configuration tasks. Instead of spending large amounts of time manually setting up complex configurations, OmniFi can be used to simplify the process and ensure consistent results every time configuration is made.

OmniFi configurations

"OmniFi is adding considerable value through saving time and valuable treasury resource, and also by improving the reliability and accuracy of repetitive data processing."

Michael Valmidiano, treasury systems and project manager, Toyota Financial Services



1 OmniFi supports the entry of all types of data: static, transaction and market data.

2 Data entry is handled through OmniFi’s flexible interface. Data can be loaded straight from Excel into the portfolio, treasury and risk management system in a familiar way to any business user.

3 Build bespoke solutions to handle complex configuration tasks, raising the quality of the data in the system and reducing the cost of maintaining the treasury risk system over time.

4 Data can be entered via APIs, ensuring that the input is properly validated through business logic and any change is logged properly through the system’s auditing functions.

5 Load trades, clients or instruments fast, dramatically reducing the time needed for migration.

OmniFi’s interface builder makes it easy to specify, develop and test the interfaces you need, cutting through the usual delays associated with bespoke interface development.

In the interface builder, interfaces are created through a graphical interface rather than through thousands of lines of code.

With OmniFi’s querying capabilities, data can be extracted from a range of different systems and formats. Data from multiple sources can then be combined, enriched and transformed in OmniFi’s report builder, all in a simple drag-and-drop type of interface. Throughout the development process, the interface output can be previewed, allowing full transparency in how the data is being transformed.

OmniFi supports delivering data in a wide range of methods. API interfaces link directly, allowing importing and updating of transactions, static data as well as market data. Database import interfaces populate data warehouses and data marts and file interfaces export files in structured formats such as XML or flat-files such as CSV and fixed-width.

"The interface builder makes it possible to build and test, change and test again, enabling a very flexible development environment that could accommodate the many nuances and variables necessary in such a complex task."

George Partida, Manager Treasury Business Solutions, Toyota Financial Services


Data warehouse feeder

Regulatory reporting and more complex data analysis often require data to be accessible in central data warehouses and repositories. OmniFi automatically extracts data from your treasury system, enriches and maps it according to the warehouses’ requirements.

OmniFi interface

Risk management systems

OmniFi’s interface builder is able to handle the complex data requirements for interfacing between your treasury management/portfolio system and today’s leading risk management systems. Remove the need for data re-entry in multiple systems and rest assured that your systems are synchronized.

"For our Solvency II project we needed to extract calculated risk figures, and have a transparent view of the data and underlying system business logic. Using OmniFi in the project gave us this capability."

Anders Eriksson, System and process development manager, If Insurance



1 Empower the business to drive the development and maintenance of their interfaces through the easy-to-use data extraction and transformation functionality in OmniFi.

2 Leverage OmniFi’s capabilities of accessing all modules when creating your interface. All data, such as transactions and static data, but also calculated key figures can be extracted through the use of APIs.

3 Interfaces are run as standalone executables, allowing scheduling to be handled from any system, reducing the cost of maintaining the treasury risk system over time.

4 Data can be transformed with data modifiers such as filters, formula editors, lookups and joins, sorting and grouping.

5 OmniFi’s interface builder allows consolidation of all CSD Interfaces, allowing you to support one platform rather than dozens of disparate interfaces.

Perfect synchronisation across all internal and external systems and data sets is a challenge for every treasury and investment operation. The OmniFi reconciliation module makes it easy to fetch and compare data sets from virtually any system and in any format, significantly reducing the effort and time required for reconciliation.

The reconciliation module of OmniFi leverages all the capabilities of OmniFi to extract and process data so that comprehensive comparisons can be made between systems. After the data is extracted and transformed, data can be automatically matched on a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many basis. Rules determine how the matching will be performed and thresholds on deviations can be configured to handle pre-approved variations in the data such as rounding differences.

If records remain unmatched after the automatic matching engine is complete the user can manually intervene in the process and match the records. Any deviations in the reconciliation are always logged and after the reconciliation is complete a detailed audit log can be produced listing the results of the reconciliation.

Accounting reconciliation

Automate the reconciliation of data in the accounting module with bookings in your accounting system for control purposes.

OmniFi reconciliation

Master data reconciliation

OmniFi’s interface builder is able to handle the complex data requirements for interfacing between your treasury management/portfolio system and today’s leading risk management systems. Remove the need for data re-entry in multiple systems and rest assured that your systems are synchronized.

"The quality of the reconciliation report from OmniFi is excellent and consequently we have a faster process and better understanding of the data.
The solution makes the data more transparent."

Anita Enström, Head of Investment Accounting, If Insurance



1 Automates the entire reconciliation process, from data gathering and transformation to the comparison and documentation.

2 Non-system specific – reconcile your treasury management system with virtually any other system or format.

3 The history and audit trail offers full transparency into the reconciliation process and the user actions, documentation of the process is generated automatically during the reconciliation.

4 OmniFi’s automatic matching engine handles one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many types of reconciliation and thresholds and rules ensure that the process can be fully automated with a click of a button.

5 Quickly set up your reconciliations using the purpose-built connections to modules.